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Restaurant to make parent's anniversary special in Paris!

By Traveller October 8, 2018

Restaurant to make parent's anniversary special in Paris!

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By Potter Traveller October 8, 2018


I'll be visiting Paris with my family next week. My parent's 25th anniversary is going to be right in the middle of our visit!

I'd love to know a traditional French (or even general European) restaurant I could take them for dinner, preferably dressed in decent casuals. A one that asks for a reservation and maybe I could tell them to keep a cake and some champagne/wine ready. My mother is a vegan and my father's favourite meat would probably be chicken.

We're travelling on shoestring budget and these restaurant expenses are going to be on me. I'm looking to spent atmost 100-120 Euros for three of us (me and parents)

I'd love to know any places that would be perfect and could probably get a reservation within a day or two, preferably tomorrow! I'll be staying near the micheal bizot metro station

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Hello Potter, are you looking for a very traditional french restaurant, or open to italian or something else?
Local October 8, 2018
Yes European, traditional french would be perfect!
In that case, here are my recommendations:

- Chez Paul, traditional french bistrot near Bastille (12nd district so not far from Michel Bizot). Great traditional dishes and amazing desserts. You can book online:
- Le lutin dans le jardin, in the 6th district. Very romantic:
- Le petit Commines, in the 3rd district, for a chef experience but on a budget:

Also my number one recommendation would be Tentazioni in Abbesses (Montmartre, 18th district) but it's italian. Just in case :

Magali Local October 8, 2018
These are awesome! Would you happen to know any open air places by any chance? I don't know, they seem a lot more appropriate for the occasion!
You can eat outside at Chez Paul and at Tentazioni, not sure about the others. Enjoy!
Magali Local October 15, 2018
Hi Potter. What about Bouillon Racine? It's really "Old school parisian bistro" (with a vegetarian dish on the menu! Not so usual), in an historical monument (art nouveau) and it's not too expensive. You can book online.

There is a lot of tourits there but it's a nice place with "atmosphère".
Local October 8, 2018
Looks really good! Would you happen to know the pricing? Is it a set menu?
Yes, they have Menu Carte 1900 (3 courses - you can pick what you want on the menu) for 35€.
You can have a look at the menu, in French, there: