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By Traveller October 24, 2018


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By Cheryl Traveller October 24, 2018

I'm looking on Airbnb for an apartment in April. I like the look of one but the owner has only just joined and has 8 properties. Do you think it's OK ?

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I wouldn't be too concerned. AirBnB offers pretty good customer service and stands by their brand, so if there were any issues you would be able to take it up with them. Also, you can look at the owner's other properties for reviews; if they are positive, that will give you some clues about this one.

The one thing I would really pay attention to is if the listings seem accurate based on the pictures and are distinguished from the other listings. As in, 8 listings for what is essentially the same location, description, could signal the landlord is marketing a dorm or hostel type situation.
Local October 24, 2018
Hello Cheryl, would you like to send me the link so that I could check ?

I work for Airbnb I host an experience of private concerts in Paris.


Local October 24, 2018