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is france a good country to live and work ?

By Traveller January 24, 2019

is france a good country to live and work ?

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By Shah Traveller January 24, 2019

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That's a great question Shah!
The answer depends on what you're looking for, your lifestyle and expectations.
France is a great country, it has beautiful nature, monuments and amazing cities full of cultural activities. We have an old and interesting history that makes this a mix of foreign influences as well.
Nevertheless the cost of living in France is raising every day and social benefits are being reduced slowly, so I would say that at this point in history this a great place to live if you have a good economical level to enjoy all the great things we have to offer, or if you are a student and wish to have a wonderful experience and don't care about having a big apartment, your own car or eating out every day, but are willing to share and be part of a system where everybody needs to cooperate to make it work. ;)

In my experience, there is no perfect place, but France offers certainly enough freedom & equality as well as a lot of cultural treasures that I enjoy very much living here.

Vive la France! :D

Local January 24, 2019
I love France, but it depends on where you live. Paris is great but very expensive (super high rents for small places, expensive supermarkets, expensive gyms and so on)
Local January 24, 2019