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By Traveller July 23, 2016


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By Gil Traveller July 23, 2016

Hello, I am a 30 year old woman, and I am looking for niche French perfumes. Can you please recommend a few popular boutiques? Thank you!

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Hi Gil, are you still looking for advices for Perfumes? Scents are my passion, and I know a few places in the Le Marais or Rue Saint Honoré that you might like. Just let me know which kind of smell you like or would like your boyfriend to wear.
I organize tours about perfume - my account on Like a Local is still being checked, but you can have a look at my website meanwhile :
Feel free to write me, I'm always delighted when I have the opportunity to talk about scents & perfumes :)
Local March 24, 2017
Creed paris are the best
Flee market saint ouen
Hi, Gil! Paris is plenty of small shops of very famous brands and also of local producers that make customized perfumes. I'm not sure of what you are looking for specifically. One good idea is going to the big department stores "high end" like Galeries Laffayetes and Printemps. There you will find altogether both well known brands and small producers. For more popular prices, Sephora and Marionaud. And one of the most popular French producers, Fragonard.
I hope my answer will be of any help. Enjoy your stay in Paris!
Local July 23, 2016
Thanks so much!
Please try French perfumes with musk as a base. Not expensive and without alcohol. Give it a try I am sure you will not regret. Good hunting. Gerald
Local March 6, 2019
you should go to the museum of parfum or go to "Le Marais" to buy perfum
Local June 9, 2017
At Jovoy, 4 Rue de Castiglione, 75001 Paris.
Beautiful perfume boutique with a wide variety of choice with careful selection.
Local May 11, 2017
Hi Gil, are you still looking for some advices for perfume? Scents are a real passion to me, so I can recommend you some very nice places in Le Marais or Rue Saint Honoré. But I just need to know more what kind of smell do you like or you would like your boyfriend to wear?
By the way, I organize some tours about perfume in Paris. My profile on LIke a Local Guide still needs to be accepted by the site. But you can check my website -->
Feel free to write me, I'm always delighted when I can talk about perfume!
Local March 24, 2017
34 Boulevard Saint-Germain, 75005 Paris
Local October 13, 2016
Thank you for these great suggestions! It's definitely hard for me to describe what it is exactly that I'm looking for. All I know is that (in my experience) French men always smell good, and I want to buy my fiancé a fragrance that I can't find in the US. My budget is 100-150 EU. If you can recommend even a particular perfume for us to try, I welcome that also! Thanks again.
Traveller July 31, 2016
Hi, I haven't really researched unique/artisanal French perfumes but I found your question interesting. So I did some googling and found a couple of sites worth looking at: and
Local July 25, 2016
If you come to Paris check out the shops: Sephora. There's some everywhere, and they sell all the famous French perfumes.
If you tell me the budget, i could recommend you something
Local July 23, 2016
My budget is between 100-150 EU. Thank you!
You can choose smt in Printemps! It's the next shop after Galeries Lafayette! There you will find smt special, i am sure!
Yeva Local July 31, 2016
I guess VAL D'EUROPE, big supermarket has so many shops general and more specific, you'd find variety of perfume, though his idea is a good one too!
Good luck
Local July 23, 2016
Hi, you can find a brand like "l'artisan parfumeur" in different store. They hav their own shop in le Maris and corners in big store like BHV, or Galeries Laffayettes. If you want something mote rare, try Parfum Serge Lutens in the galery of Jardin du Palis royal.
awesome, thanks!!
Do you have any particular suggestions for a fragrance? I know, of course, that it is based on personal preferences and how it reacts on the skin. But I am looking for a starting point since there are so many to choose from!