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Looking for experienced English-speaking guides in Paris for a bonus

By Traveller March 6, 2019

Looking for experienced English-speaking guides in Paris for a bonus

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By Kirill Traveller March 6, 2019

Hey there!

My name is Kirill, I am the founder of travel startup Surprise Me. It's like Airbnb but for self-guided tours. We already help guides on our local market to earn more and expand in the EU for now.

Unfortunately, we know a little about how it works in Europe. Can you give us a short interview and share your expertise on how you get clients, and how you engage them and so?

Of course, I understand what you may be busy as the season starts in March. So I can send you a 10$ as little bonus for a call if you have expertise on acquiring clients by yourself or can connect travel agents with me.

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Hello. Yes widely in Europe, including the UK, Airbnb or similar as Roomlala and others less popular are prominently present. This seems to be today's l'alternative to hotel. So I well understood your question is that you would like to host or have already hosted it. I would registering on Airbnb with different languages choices. As I don't know how many accomplishments you target and the whereabouts. If I a little more precise information, I could certainly held by putting them on with a link to Airbnb on local social networks. Hope all this helps and all the very best for you.
Local March 6, 2019

Thank you for your reply! I didn't get your point at all. We are similar to Airbnb but for guided tours not for homes. So If you know guides who acquire clients on Airbnb or other platforms — I would happy to contact with them, sure!
Got you this time. I will need to leave adequate paper documents and some links giving them the opportunity to reserve. Can be done. I do know some very well as my colleagues from the UK live when they come to the Paris office. With pleasure when you are ready
Hi Kirill !
Don't worry, I am just starting my business this month and I have to wait for the administration to give me a GO in the next 2 weeks !
I am not sure I am the right person to help you for the interview but here is my plan to get clients. It is based on my former experience in a travel agency :
1/ B to B with US an UK travel agencies : according to the French Office of Tourism (http://pro.visitparisregion.com/en/Tourism-figures/Foreign-markets/European-markets), it is around 20 to 25% of the booking accomodation. By the way, this website is a goldmine for your marketing strategy.
2/ B to B with the concierge services (hotels and companies)
3/ B to C with Adwords
4/ B to C with social media
5 / booking plateforms like yours when it is possible.
I hope I help you. I am available to answer any further questions that you may consider relevant.
Local March 6, 2019
Hi Marion,
Thank you for the detailed answer and for the link! What would be your business about?

Do you have already some contacts with UK and US travel agencies?

Good luck with your new business, I hope you will have success. Kirill.
Thank you Kirill ! I am organising treasure hunts on a -non electrical- scooter to visit Paris. I have not contacted travel agencies yet but I plan to di it in a couple of weeks ! Good luck with your business to :) !