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2 days in Paris, maybe looking for a local guide.

By Traveller April 28, 2019

2 days in Paris, maybe looking for a local guide.

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By Alex Traveller April 28, 2019

from Canada and am going to be in Paris for 2 nights coming up this Tuesday and wednesday.

Paris looks a bit intimidating due to so much to see, size of the city, language barrier, and cost of going out

Never been to France before.
I am interested in seeing a few museums, but am more interested in things like food markets, breweries, underground cities, fresh local food on a budget and live music.

i am considering meeting a local who is knowledgable about these things.
Or open for suggestions on which neighborhood to check out that would be more budget friendly.

Thanks guys.

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Hi Alex,

Paris is an amazing city, but it is also very expensive. If you're looking for something out of the ordinary, a bit more urban, than I would suggest you check out the Generator Hostel near Colonel Fabien.
Great views from the top terrace, full of adventurous urban travelers. They have a café, a bar, a chill out room, free wifi, and a travel shop.
Located just a few steps from the Canal St Martin, this is a great area to explore and a little less pricey than the center of Paris.
Check out Ground Control in the 12th arrondissement, near Gare de Lyon, for a Food Court experience and walk along the French Highline that is located above the arcades.
If you're looking for a guide, I would be happy to help.
Local April 30, 2019
Hello Alex, I am a local guide in Paris, look me up on insta @parisplore I might be able to help you out.

Local April 29, 2019
Hi Alex;

I am a French tour guide. I'm specialized in the catacombs and I also do many other tours.
Have a look at my profile to see what I offer.


Thanks guys, ill take a look into a few things and get back to you.