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Musee des Art et Metiers

By Traveller May 1, 2019

Musee des Art et Metiers

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By An Inactive User Traveller May 1, 2019

Is there a statue of Blaise Pascal somewhere inside "La Musee des Art et Metiers", because I've read about it in Umberco Eco's novel, but I can't find it anywhere on web. Merci beaucoup!

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The museum does have Blaise Pascal's Pascaline (the first mechanical calculator).
Local May 7, 2019
Thank you Fetchin! Maybe someday there was a statue next to Pascaline and Umberto had this in mind. I will check again the book and the position of the calculator among the other exhibits. Luckily, I found that on Google Maps you can browse inside the museum!!
I will be in Paris Dec. 24 to 28 and perhaps a weekend in July so if you want me to check it out, I can! Gretchen
Gretchen is something of minor importance, so if it happens to visit the museum anyway I'd be more than happy if you could check it out. If not then don't even bother, it's just for a blog I write for myself. But, anyway, you're so nice for asking, that you make me feel a little bit guilty for mentioning something so unimportant! Everyone here is so nice! :)
Hi Kollas,

The statue of Blaise Pascal is located at La Tour Saint Jacques by the Rue de Rivoli.

Local May 3, 2019
Thank you Alison!! You're right, found it!! Probably isn't the statue that Umberto Eco had in mind, cause his writing gives the impression the specific statue was somewhere inside the Museum. I was just curious writing a post for my astronomy blog. Maybe there was a statue some 30 years ago, but not anymore. Anyway thank you again!!
Good question! I think all the statues are not mentioned on internet. The best would be to go in the museum to check.
That would be really great if I had the money to travel to Paris, but I can barely afford to live! :D Thank you anyway!!
I hope you will be able to come one day. Best regards
Merci Eléonore!!