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3 days in Paris

By Traveller August 11, 2019

3 days in Paris

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By Aey Traveller August 11, 2019

I need recommendation for my 3 days in Paris, please..
what I should not miss, what are the new places to hang out. I travel with my mom so slow pace is needed

thanks a million

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Start with a river Seine cruise or climb the Eiffel Tower in order to have an overview of Paris and decide what you wish to see next.
The best is to go just before nightfall so you can enjoy both night and day sceneries.

I advise you to take a guided tour if you visit the Louvre (especially if you wish to walk as less as possible: this museum is 15km long!)

If you like spooky things then you have to visit the catacombs. This is the biggest necropolis worldwide containing 6M skeletons!! (this is my passion and specialty tour).
The cemetery of Pere Lachaise is also a good place but you need a guide to tell you all the crazy events who occurred there. If you don't take a guide you can go there just for a stroll out of Paris' crowd.

The Latin Quarter is beautiful. If you like flowers you should go to the garden of plants. You can visit the Gallo Roman amphitheater remains turned into a public park close-by.

Well, it depends on your likes! Let me know if you need more help.
Enjoy your stay!


Thank you so much. Very useful. Will include your recommendations in my trip except cemetary though. Thank you
Aey Traveller August 14, 2019
tour eiffel, piramid louvre meusium, notre dam, latin area, arc en trium, chateau de versail, anver secre coure, musee de orse, bateau mouse in evenning
Local August 12, 2019
thank you so much :)
Aey Traveller August 12, 2019
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Local August 11, 2019
thank you, anything besides taking photo?
Aey Traveller August 11, 2019