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Where should I stay?

By Traveller December 19, 2016

Where should I stay?

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By Paige Traveller December 19, 2016

What is the best neighborhood to stay in Paris? I've been reading about 1, 4, 3 and 6? Is this accurate?

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well, that depend on your expections, 11th, 5th, 3th, 4th, 10th are great. close to places to visit and fun activities
Local December 20, 2016
Go down to the Marais - between Republique and Bastille
Local May 26, 2018
I would recommend district 9 (near Opera) because it is a central district close to every monument and muséums. You can also satisfy your shopping spree with Le Printemps and Les Galeries Lafayette mall.
Enjoy your stay in Paris
Local April 13, 2017
Hi Paige, the answer depends on your style.
If you like luxurious lifestyle, expensive stores and restaurants then 1.
If you like more local life, trendy, bars, young crowd, gayfriendly and so on... 3
If you want to be closer to the great monuments and the river 4
If you like the old traditional Paris style, corner cafes, bakeries, gardens... 6

I hope this gives you a better idea of what to expect. Nevertheless Paris is very small, so you can easily walk from 1 to 3 to 4 and to 6 ;)

I personally like 6... rue de Buci... rue Jacob, rue de Seine... lovely ;)
Local December 20, 2016
Sounds pretty good although if you find a place in no 5 you love that would be fine too as long as it is not toooo far from the river... really if you are near a metro station getting anywhere is easy although it is delightful to be able to walk along the Seine in the evening without a long way to go...
Also have a look at the area on google earth and make sure there are lots of little cafes and shops about so you can wander out for a snack or a drink close by. It's part of the joy of Paris. We've stayed next to Chatelet station (walking to Louvre and Tuilleries and lots more besides - fabulous!! and on the other side (left bank) near Pont Neuf - also wonderful! Next time maybe we'd try Montmartre which I also love...
Traveller December 19, 2016
How is Romainville as an area? Which arrondissement is it under?
Hi Paige.
Definitely in the 3th, 4th (marais) and less tourist the 11th and the 12th (those parts neighboring with Marais)
Enjoy !
Local December 19, 2016
Hi Paige, it depends as well on your budget and lifestyle,
1st, 6th, 8th 16th are kind of posh/bourgeois, for sure 1st is central and with different choices of places. 4th is quite animated (maybe a little too much) 3rd is more quiet but still central. If i were you I would keep it central so it would be easier for you to go anywhere.
18th, 19th and 20th are more "ethnic", 10th and 11th have a more younger crowd with lots of bars and restaurants. 14th and 15th are more "parisian" in my opinion as they have less touristic attractions and you will see more of the parisian life.
I do hope it will helps...
Local December 19, 2016
To me, there is no best arrondissement to stay in Paris. I just think it depends on what kind of vacation you want to live, what kind of atmosphere you are looking for, and how central you want to be. 1, 4, 3, and 6 are very central arrondissements, close to many attractions, but also quite expensive. There are very nice areas apart from these arrondissements such as the 14th - quiet, with good restaurants and bars, more typical and out of the beaten track - and the 5th - very dynamic, lots of students, central as well.
Local December 19, 2016
Yes and they are very close to the center. Metro system is very good, so even 18, 19 20 are cheaper
Local April 11, 2019
Hello. 1 4 and 6 are central. It's convenient to move around by metro. A pack of 10 tickets is cheaper than single tickets. Enjoy your stay and bienvenue à Paris. Gérard
Local March 6, 2019
Hi Paige
I worked and schooled in Paris - in the Marais between Republique and Bastille is really cool (3rd) on the North bank.
If you put on a good pair of walking shoes you can walk all the way to the Champs Elyesee then up to Monmartre /Pigalle and hop on the Metro back.
All the agrandissements are cool in their own way and charm. 1 is Mayfairish but I lived in the 3rd you have Bastille Market on Sundays.
St Germain Latin Quarter (5th) are all good but the Marais is lively and lots of bars eateries..
Local December 11, 2018
You can also live in the 11th and 16th as well. These two are mainly connected to more metro's and touristic places around
Local December 10, 2018
I recommend you to stay down the seine river.
Local September 18, 2017
For me, I like the 1st because of it's central location. You can walk in any direction and find something cool.
Local June 8, 2017