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I have a few questions about where to eat and such.

By Traveller January 10, 2020

I have a few questions about where to eat and such.

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By Johannes Traveller January 10, 2020

• What is your favorite place to eat, prefebly a local place?

• Do you know a place we realy should see?

• A history about the city?

• What's the best means of transportation?

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if you like beans then eat them
Traveller February 4, 2020
1). One of the best places is Bouillon Chartier. It's cheap with traditional
French dishes, great turn of the century decor and the waiters wear
the long white apron. Get there early as they don't take reservations.
There are a number of these in different parts of the city. Check
the internet for addresses. I usually go to Montmartre

2). There are so many. TheEiffel Tower, Sacre Coeur, Champs Elysees,
Latin Quarter and The Louvre just to mention a few

3) The Museum Carnavalet has a lot of information on the history of Paris

4). Either the metro or bus. You can buy a daily or weekly ticket. Go to
their website RATP in English for full information

Good Luck
Local January 10, 2020
Wow you absolutte amazing! Thansk fot the quick reply.
Have a great life! quiqui
My favourite place to eat is Benedict, rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie.
The Eiffel Tour is a classic I'd even say must see.
The city was built by the Romans on the basis of a village where lived a Celtic people called Gaulois. From Parisi it became Lutecia and remains now Paris.
The best means of transportation when it is not on strike is the metro !
Local January 13, 2020
Hi Johanes, Paris I world famous for it's history monuments and cuisine... I think you need to read about it on the internet.

there is several places where to eat. It depend on your budget, food style and area where you'll going to stay.
For French restaurant, typical and affordable one I recommend Le Père Fouettard in Châtelet. You can also take a look at la Fourchette website and Paris Zigzag for others restaurants located by area.

Regarding what you should see here's the list of the main things : Le Louvre, la Tour Eiffel, l'Opéra Garnier, Notre-Dame, Le Musée d'Orsay, Les Champs-Elysées and Versailles.
In Paris Info the Tourist Info Guide History and places to visit are well explained

Paris is so full of history from Roman empire known as Lutetia, going through medieval times and XIXth century where it has been completely reconstructed by Haussman and the famous revolt known as "Commune de Paris" until our days that you should make some researches on the web about it or simply buy a Tourist book as Lonely Planet to read in the plane or train. You'll be amazed of what this city can tell you if you're curious.

The best means on transportation is metro. For now there's a massive strike (longest in history) but there's still have trains working.
More info on rapt.fr

Hope my answers will help you

Local January 11, 2020
part 2...

• A history about the city?
The Carnavalet museum is a great option, but at this moment is under renovation. It will open again sometime in spring. Another option is for you to take a tour. There are many group general tours available, while we can offer you private tours and adapt them to your interests.

• What's the best means of transportation?
At this moment we have a strike which does not seem to end yet and is affecting our public transport very much. For now I would recommend you to stay flexible and consider all systems of transport. There is an excellent App that will allow you to determine the best way to move around considering your point of origin & destination, the time of the day, traffic and strikes. It is for free and can be used not only in Paris but in many other cities worldwide. It is called "Citymapper"

Wishing you a great time in our beautiful and lively Paris!


Local January 10, 2020
Hi Johannes,

Here some answers to your questions:

• What is your favorite place to eat, prefebly a local place?
There are so many places it is hard to choose, but I really like "Au Bougnat" (26 Rue Chanoinesse, 75004) it is also really really close to Notre Dame Cathedral, so you can go take a look at the cathedral too. I would recommend you to check thefork.com

• Do you know a place we really should see?
For a first visit to Paris you have to see the highlights (Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Louvre, Notre Dame) then I would recommend you to discover a neighbourhood like Montmartre, Le Marais or the Latin Quarter. All this areas have tons of curiosities and have a great ambiance.

more coming in the next message....
Local January 10, 2020
Hello! Where are you looking for restaurants and others? In which neighbourhood?
Local January 10, 2020
Probably the town centre but I don't know where we will be staying yet
Anthony Local January 10, 2020