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Transport tickets

By Traveller February 29, 2020

Transport tickets

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By Istanbulugezerken Traveller February 29, 2020

There are some many cards/tickets for transportation in Paris so i'm confused! I'll visit zone 1 for 3 days but i will arrive at CDG and depart from Orly. Which card option is more appropriate for me? Navigo or carnet+airport buses?

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Good day,

Both of your trips from & to the airport will cost about 10€... you’re much better with a Navigo, 1 week all Zones (to cover the airports).

Then your RER B trip from CDG and to Orly are covered.

It’s about 30€ total for unlimited transport during your stay.

If you go with the tickets, there is no transfer allowed between the underground networks (RER & Métro) and above ground networks (buses & teams)... so you’ll possibly end up using many more tickets than planned.
Local February 29, 2020
Navigo easy or decouverte?
Definitely Navigo Découverte, which is about 30€ for unlimited usage of all public transports for 1 week, from Monday to Friday of the same week.

If you choose paper tickets (10 for 14€) or Navigo Easy (it’s a card where you load individual passages... believe it or not, here it’s a brand new feature even if most of the other major cities in the world offer this for years), you’ll pay for every usage of transport with very complex rules about what is included and not for a transfer...

To choose the pay by passage option is going to cost more that 20€ just for both of the trips from & to the airports.

There is another thing to consider (in PARIS, everything is over complicated) : does your trip start and end in the same week ? Otherwise your Navigo won’t be active for the whole duration of your 3 day trip...

If not... it’s probably better to choose the ticket options.

Ex : you arrive on Friday and leave Monday morning... go for the tickets. Your 10€ trip to the airport is not going to be covered in your Navigo Découverte plan.
There is ZERO flexibility on this.

And, as additional info... Taxis & Uber (or similar services called VTCs if France) are supposed to cost :

35€ for a PARIS/ORLY ride

50€ for a PARIS/Charles de Gaule ride.

(... but, as for most of the “rules” here... there are many exceptions, including “heavy trafic”)
First of all thank u for help :) i will arrive on thursday and live on saturday so navigo easy is appropriate for dates. İt is good for loading individually, or one week for all zones is 22.80eur is the best option, i guess
carnet + airport buses because Navigo is for one Week minimum.
Traveller February 29, 2020