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when to travel...

By Traveller February 17, 2017

when to travel...

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By Ashok Traveller February 17, 2017

Hi, locals! I'm planning a Europe trip and would like to see Paris without rain (don't laugh!!!). Ok, which do you think is better: June or August (I'm assuming July has the biggest tourist crowds and school holidays all over Europe)?

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3 answers

August will have a better time and maybe a bit less crowded
Local February 18, 2017
Hi Ashok,
Spring time in Paris can be risky, since it can be quite rainy... July is usually already very hot and parisians are a bit stressed after a whole year of work.
August is better since most parisians go on holidays, so the city is more "tourist friendly", nevertheless there will be many small shops and boutiques closed, which might be a bit frustrating sometimes.
I personally prefer September (or beginning of October); parisians are back in the city, weather is nice but not extremely hot (like it can be in August or July), slowly the trees become yellow/red... and the city is 100% back to normal so you can also enjoy the local life.

I hope this helps you to decide ;)
Local February 17, 2017
Hello Ashok.
I would advise you come in august. Most of the locals (75%) are on holidays especially on the last two Weeks so you will find Paris Much less crowded then usually.
As for tourists, they are usually afraid (with no actual solid basis) of the hot weather and of the prices that usually go up a little (everywhere, not only France). So even though in Paris there are many tourists all over, all the time, in August there will be less then in June pe July.
Long story short in my opinion August is better if you have to choose beteween those two.
Otherwise May and September are perfect for coming to Paris
Local February 17, 2017