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a plan for 5 days

By Local February 23, 2017

a plan for 5 days

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By Eslam Local February 23, 2017

hi everyone im planning to visit Paris from 7 april till 12 april it was suppose to be with one of my friends but she had to cancel so i will be alone :( , i need to set a good plan to use every single moment of the stay , and what is your recommendation about places to stay at ? Thanks

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Salut, Eslam!
Exploring Paris solo is wonderful! I did this myself. I walked all over the city basically every day about 20km...you see so much more when walking! I got one of those little "walking guide" books and mapped out what I wanted to see, then looked for things along the way...and would Metro back when exhausted. Sometimes, I did not rely on my book and just went for a walk and followed my whims. It was more of an adventure of exploration for me. You will need an entire day to do Versailles. Each day I headed in a different direction and explored another arrondissement. Also, I recommend renting an apartment...more economical than staying in a hotel. Traveling solo you will also meet people which is cool. Least likely to happen when you are with a companion.
Bonne chance!
Local February 23, 2017
Hi Eslam,

I would recommend you to stay in a hostel, that way you'll find more people that are looking for the same as you. I like one called the "Generator Hostel" (11 Place du Colonel Fabien, 75010). Also at the hostels they usually have good plans, ideas and prices for everyone.
Have fun!
Local April 4, 2017
Hi Eslam;
You should check Airbnb or couchsurfing for cheap places to stay. Try to be in the central Paris, like Le Marais, to experience the night ambiance and meet locals or travelers.
As Mali just said, take a whole day for Versailles, and a guide can be useful to hear some of the crazy stories related to the king's entourage.
Be careful to pickpockets in the metro and the street. Don't give money to young girls asking you to sign petitions or people playing money games in the street (like bento). Try to learn a few words in French, many people don't speak english (or don't want to make the effort of speaking english). It's getting better with time and usually, travelers tell me every French people they met has been adorable.
If you want a guide, I can lead you in the catacombs museum or ask some of my colleagues who do a great job too.
I whish you a nice stay.
Local Ambassador February 23, 2017
Hi Eslam,

You can check this new website that offers several ideas for you to discover Paris your way: https://tripplannera.com/france-paris-trip-planner
If you wish to invest in having a private guide to show you around don't hesitate to contact us at StrollsParis.com. ;)
You can also meet travelers like yourself on Couchsurfing, activities and more. And if you wish to enjoy a dinner with new people you can check voulezvousdiner.com

Wishing you a wonderful time in the city of light!
Local February 23, 2017