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What to wear? That is the question!

By Traveller February 28, 2017

What to wear? That is the question!

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By Lora Traveller February 28, 2017

Hey guys and girls,

I'll be traveling to France(Nice and Paris) in mid April, and don't know what to take with me from clothes. I had a look on weather forecast and it shows around +13C -+19C. Is it normal or is too cold for that time of the year?
And the main question is what do I need to take with me to stay warm but not sweat like I'm in the hell?

P.S. I don't want to carry lots of things with me, as I will be constantly traveling from one country to another.
I was thinking about :
- two pair of jeans
- a short-sleeve dress
- a few tops
- a jacket
- a raincoat :D
- and maybe a sweater?

What do you recommend?

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Hi Lora,

In Paris it's hard to predict. If I were you I would take just the basics and not too many warm clothes. If the weather is cold you can always get a cheap souvenir sweatshirt and scarf, if there is too much wind or rain you can get a plastic poncho and that will do. ;)
Enjoy your trip!
Local March 1, 2017
Hi Lora, weather can be unpredictible in Paris during April, in Nice you will have a much better weather. A light raincoat is a good idea, you can always buy a small and cheap umbrella in any department store or supermarket in case you will need it. I would suggest you to carry a shawl (like a pashmina) it will be helpful in many occasions but definitely a couple of sweaters.
Local February 28, 2017
The shawl is a very good idea! thanks a lot :)
Lora Traveller February 28, 2017
Hey Lora,
13/19C is quite normal for this time of the year. You will clearly have sunny days in Nice and colder weather in Paris.
Take an umbrella instead of your raincoat (except if it is a very thin one or if it is effective for wind as well) and definitely a sweater! Don't take a huge winter jacket, it would be useless.
When you're in Paris, check out what to do on this website, usually pretty good suggestion of exhibitions to attend in case it is raining: https://www.urbanmishmash.com.
Enjoy France.
Local February 28, 2017
Thanks a lot for the suggestions! :)
Lora Traveller February 28, 2017