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Best ideas for parents with 2 girls in Paris mid April?

By Traveller March 12, 2017

Best ideas for parents with 2 girls in Paris mid April?

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By Steve Traveller March 12, 2017

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The Centre Georges Pompidou also have playgrounds designed by artists and activities for children
Local May 10, 2018
It depends how long you plan to stay. There are some must places to visit like the Eiffel tower.
But I think the girls would be bored of visiting museums, so think of something more funny like going to Disneyland. I recently cam across to this tool, it gives you your trip plan and you can eliminate for example the museums.
Traveller June 29, 2017
Thanks so much, great ideas. Will talk to my wife...
Traveller March 13, 2017
Hi Steve,

I think a customized bike tour would be amazing for you and your girls. Just make sure that they offer tandem bikes and/or small kids bikes.
Most people tend to fear parisian traffic, but having a good guide that will take you through the many bike lanes and small safe back streets will do. To do it on a sunday is even better. ;)

I would also recommend you to the take the girls on a picnic (if weather permits), you might want to go to the Boulogne forest, let them ride a pony, take a boat and cross to the island in the Lac Inferieur, maybe go to the "Jardin de la Bagatelle" and stroll between the wonderful natural parfums of the rose garden, the girls will love the peacocks and ducks that walk free in the Bagatelle park...
And you can also go to the "Jardin d'Acclimatation", lovely place for kids from all ages.

I hope this ideas help ;)

ps: Please let me know if you wish to bike around Paris, I organize this family tours and customize them for each family. (
Local March 13, 2017
girls are 12 and 8. one museum will be enough. We are booked on the Eiffel Tower. Food, a kid activity of some sort. not interested in Disneyland.... thanks guys
Traveller March 13, 2017
Hi Steve,
What are your girls ages, and do they have any special interests?
Local March 13, 2017
Hi Steve, You don't tell us the age of your daughters, but classic lile Eiffel Tower is alway a must. A cruise on the Seine river also. It's the best way to see all the beautiful buildings along the river like Eiffel tower, Louvre, Orsay, etc... in term of museum, the Grande gallery in 5th district is really nice, as the Cite des sciences called ,la vilette. You have lots of parks like Tuilleries, Lucembourg and Montceau. Go to Versailles one day, and shoping for your time left.
Hi Steve, you're going to have a great time! Paris in April is beautiful!

I used to live in Paris with 4 small boys and wrote an article a while back about the best places to take kids in Paris. It's mostly parks - you can see it here:

I would also add that sailing a toy boat in the Luxembourg Gardens or Tuileries is also a wonderful thing to do.

I also love the Palais de Tokyo for kids exhibitions - it's a great modern art museum and I find the installations really stimulated my kids minds and artistic sensibilities.

The Cite de Sciences at la Vilette is also awesome - - and if your girls are into crystals, the Galerie de Minéralogie et de Géologie is a small collection, but rich in samples.

Have fun!
Local Expert March 12, 2017