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Best vegan restaurants/cafés?

By Traveller March 22, 2017

Best vegan restaurants/cafés?

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By Charlie Traveller March 22, 2017

I'm only here for 3 days, where MUST I go? :) Merci

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Hi Charlie,

If you wanna go to vegan places I recommend :
- Bob's kitchen / Bob's bake shop
- Rose bakery
- Café Pinson
- Noglu (in the nicest "passage" of Paris)

Hope you'll have a nice time while in Paris,
Local March 22, 2017
Great, thanks!!! :)
Hi Charlie!
Paris is getting better on ve vegan side, here you have some places:

• Hank Vegan Burger
55 rue des Archives, near Beaubourg
• Bob's Kitchen
74 rue des Gravilliers, near Beaubourg
• Saveurs Végét'Halles
41 rue des Bourdonnais, near Châtelet
• Le Potager du Marais
22 rue Rambuteau, near Beaubourg
• Loving Hut
92 boulevard Beaumarchais, near Bastille
• BOL Porridge Bar
76 rue du Faubourg Poissonnière, near Grands Boulevards

These places are mainly in trendy/cool areas as well.
Local March 22, 2017
Great, thanks!!! :)

Don't know if it's too late.
I like the restaurant Yuman in the 13rd area.

You can book with if you don't speak French.

Traveller March 22, 2017