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Money exchange / transportation/ budget

By Traveller March 25, 2017

Money exchange / transportation/ budget

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By Asheley Traveller March 25, 2017

We are wanting to know what's the easiest way to exchange money and about how much money will be enough for a 4 day trip to Paris. We plan to purchase hop on and hop off bus and a cruise online . We are wanting enough money for meals and transportation.

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Hi Asheley,

The best exchange offices you will find them in the area of the "Bourse" in Paris' 2 district (2eme Arr), to be specific on the street called "Rue Vivienne" (between Boulevard Montmartre and the Bourse).

The amount of money you need to move around the city will depend on how much you want to spend.
If you want to have unlimited public transportation I would recommend you to get the tickets called "Mobilis", which are 7€ per day for zones 1 &2 which is Paris area. (don't get the Paris Visite tickets, they are more expensive).
If you use Uber or Taxis then price will get much higher. I recommend you to download an App called: "Citymapper" so that you can choose the best way to move around the city and know in advance how much is gonna cost you.

For meals is the same, you can spend very little if you go for Sandwich baguettes or Crepes (5€ per sandwich), or you can spend more for a proper meal. In a regular restaurant expect to spend about 15-30€ per person/per meal. For a nice restaurant you can easily pay between 40-100€ per person per meal.

Some other prices to add:
3€ for a soda or mineral water
5€ for a coffee with milk / 1-2€ for an expresso
6-8€ for a beer

Try to have at least 30 to 40€ p/p - per day to have the basics and maybe a bit more.

I hope this helps you to get a better idea.
Have a great stay in the city of light!
Local March 27, 2017
Ashley, I was worried about this on my first trip to Paris and went straight to the exchange place in the airport. I needed to catch the RER (train) but realized I could have just used my credit card to buy the ticket. I had about 200 in Euros but found that most of the time I used my card unless it was small purchases like food or buying Metro tickets. I discovered that It is extremely easy to use ATMs at the bank and get cash whenever you need it. If I knew this, I would not have gone to an exchange place.
I traveled on my own and basically did a self-directed walking tour so I cannot tell you about the cost of tours. I found Paris to be a very walkable city. While out, I would eat whenever something caught my fancy.. My morning ritual was getting breakfast at the boulangerie across from where I was staying and it was never over 5 Euros. Lunch was typically under 10 Euros. Dinners just depended on the type of restaurant and whether it involved alcohol. I splurged the night of birthday with a fancy meal and a lot of champagne. :)
Local March 26, 2017
Hi Asheley,
I would say for a basic day:
- 10 € for breakfast
- 10 - 15 € for lunch
- 25 € for diner
- 12 € for transport (metro full day pass)

Then comes all the activities :
- 30 € for the hop on hop off (then you don't have to pay the full metro tickets)
- the cruise, I don't know the prices
- and some other activities you might try, for example I organize guided tours about perfume, which are around 40€ per person, or might try a food guided tour aswell.

I hope I could help you, if you need any other advice or info, feel free to ask ! :)
Enjoy your stay in Paris !
Local March 25, 2017