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What fun things are there to do in paris?

By Traveller April 13, 2017

What fun things are there to do in paris?

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By Maddie Traveller April 13, 2017

What can you do in paris for fun?

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Hi Maddie,
A fun thing can be to have a picnic with wine on the bank of the Seine or in one of the dozens parks of Paris. Or you can can take a Seine river cruise.
Take a look at this tool. https://tripplannera.com/france-paris-itineraries
You might find it useful.
Traveller June 26, 2017
Hi Maddie,

There is soooo much to do in Paris that it is hard to just name a few actually.
Have you thought about a bike tour? I personally think it is a great option, you can cover quite a bit of ground and feel the local ambience while moving around.
You have amazing museums, as well as monuments, restaurants, bars, cafes... exhibits, concerts, etc... I would recommend you to check the website called: www.paris.fr and take a look.

Have fun and enjoy our city!
Local April 17, 2017
Hi Maddie;
You could visit the catacombs or the sewers of Paris: very interesting and an amazing experience!
Enjoy your stay!
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Have fun in Paris !!
Local April 14, 2017
Please Anwser me asap!
Traveller April 13, 2017