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Looking for a place to watch the Bastille fireworks

By Traveller April 23, 2017

Looking for a place to watch the Bastille fireworks

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By Aimee Traveller April 23, 2017

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Hi Aimee,

It's really hard to find the perfect spot for this cause the city get's crowded and every place from where you have a view towards the Eiffel Tower will be crowded several hours before the show. So, if that is not a problem for you I would recommend you to go to the Champs de Mars, there is no other better place, but it will be packed.
Other option is all the way from "Pont del Alma" or "Pont Bir-Hakeim"...
Maybe you can find a nice hotel or bar with a wonderful view over the city, but then you have to be prepared to spend a bit... Maybe you can try "Les Ombres - Musée du Quai Branly" or "Le Ciel de Paris".
Local April 23, 2017
Most people go to the Eiffel tower I think, but to be honest, I am always in the south for 14 July!
Local April 23, 2017
Hi Aimée,
it is going to be hard to find a not too crowded spot on 14 of July, if you will be on the street or a any public space you will have to be there quite early (in the afternoon) and maybe plan a pic-nic basket which will help you to wait for the evening. I would avoid the Champs de Mars, it will be hell to be there and get back after the show.
Still crowded would be the bridges and borders of the river in the area.
You might consider the Tuileries gardens next to Arc du Carrousel, there is a nice lawn where you can bring your food and drinks.
The heights of Montmartre will be crowded as well (and as hell...) You might try the Parc de Belleville in the 20th arrondissement.
Another option (but in general quite expensive) can be to book a table in a fancy restaurant with a view, if they are not fully booked already now.
La Maison Blanche, Monsieur Bleu, Terrass'hotel, Lesz Oiseaux blans at the Peninsula hotel, Ciel de Paris on the Tour Montparnasse.
Another option could be the Bateaux Mouches to watch the fireworks from the river, you can get a package including dinner.
I do hope you will find something suitable to your wish.
: )
Local April 23, 2017
I'm going to be in Paris July 14th and I'm looking for a good place to watch the fireworks that maybe won't be the most crowded.
Traveller April 23, 2017