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Eiffel Tower

By Traveller July 25, 2017

Eiffel Tower

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By Paige Traveller July 25, 2017

Best time of the day to visit the Eiffel tower to avoid lines? Also I read that walking up the second floor and taking the elevator from there is the best option. Is this true?

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Eiffel Tower closes at midnight. It can be very nice to be on it when it sparkles (last 5 minutes of each hour at night).
Hi, i don't know what time is the best to avoid lines... but i checked you option: walking up to second floor and then you can take the lift. First: healthy:) second: much chiper:) You can drink more good french wine with friend:)
Have a goog time in Paris.
Local July 26, 2017
Hi Paige,

The best is to go when the Eiffel Tower opens or before it closes (but if course it will be dark). You might also want to consider Eiffel Tower skip the line tours, there are some companies that offer that, and they also show you some of the places that normal visitors don't have access too. You can check with "Cultival" ;)

Good luck!
Local July 26, 2017
Hi Paige,
the best way will be to buy online your tickets
July and August are always full of tourist but early morning is in general the best time (they open at 9am)
If you are in a good shape you can take the stairs, of course.
Another option for a great experience is to book a table at the wonderful (and expensive) restaurant Jules Verne...
Local July 25, 2017
Thanks for the advice! I will be in Paris September 12th-16th and I believe i'm going to shoot for the morning hours before it opens