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Teenagers looking to party in Paris.

By Traveller July 28, 2017

Teenagers looking to party in Paris.

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By András Traveller July 28, 2017

Me and my friends came to see paris, and decided to go partying on the last day of our trip. I don't know where people of our age go to party. Does anyone know this kind of area?

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So, it depends on what you like really.
A district that never disappoints me is the 11th district. It's cheaper and is filled with cool bars and night clubs.
I particularly love the Comptoir Générale, in front of the Canal Saint Martin.
Also Alimentation Générale it's a good choice.
Since it's summer you can also profit from an open terrasse: Nooba and Wanderlust are good choices but a bit expensive though.
Local July 28, 2017
Hi András!
I think the best place for you to hang out and find many options is at the area of Bastille or Parmentier.
Local July 30, 2017
i know everything bout nightlife and trendy places i just have to know what kinda music and vibes you like and what is your budget for the night ;)
Local July 28, 2017
Well, the music doesn't really matter, but I prefer modern music like minimal or light techno. We are not looking to spend a fortune but just to have fun so a not-so-expensive place would be the best. We don't want to sit down at a table and drink cocktails but meet up with local teens at the place and chat and dance and walk around and area. What places do you know good for this? Thanks:)