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what is the weather like?

By Traveller July 28, 2017

what is the weather like?

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By Maria Traveller July 28, 2017

I'm visiting for a week in mid august and i was wondering how hot it gets or if it rains a lot.

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Hi Maria,

It's really hard to predict how weather will be in Paris this days... it has been super hot, but then it gets cold, gray and rainy... so if I were you I would bring summer clothes but some warm stuff just in case, a pair of jeans and a warm sweater or even a light rain jacket. If you need more you can get them here... it would be a nice excuse to do some shopping ;)

Local July 30, 2017
Hi Maria,
in general weather is hot but this summer has not been so great, right now weather is cool with clouds and rain.
The safest should be to check a weather forecast website such as
where you might get a better idea about the following day's weather.
(even in rainy weather Paris is beautiful and colors are different)
: )
Local July 28, 2017
so helpful thank you!! overcast will be so good to my camera :)