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From CDG Airport to ORY Airport.

By Traveller August 3, 2017

From CDG Airport to ORY Airport.

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By Tuomas Traveller August 3, 2017

I caught cheap flights for me and my girlfriend from Finland to Paris and from there to Martinique. The only problem is lack of time. Let me tell you our schedule.

Departure 7.35 Helsinki - Arrival 9:40 Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport.

Departure 13:15 Paris Orly Airport - Arrival 17:00 Port de France.

So, we have 3 hours and 35 minutes time to get our luggage and travel to Orly Airport in time. In fact we should be at least one hour earlier in Orly which reduces the time to 2 hours and 35 minutes. Please tell us we can make it in time. Also tell us how.

Thank you!

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Hello Tuomas,

If you are flying AirFrance and in direction to "Fort de France" you might have FREE transfer service with "Le Bus Direct". You can directly contact an Air France representative on 3654 (€0.34 /min, 7d/7 from 6:30 am to 10:00 pm), to know if your transport is included in your trip.

If you would like to purchase the bus tickets in advance you can do so here:

More info about the route CDG to ORY airport here:

The ride should take between to 70 to 80 minutes.

I think this is the best way for you cause:
- It's more economical than taxi or Uber
- You don't need to carry your luggage long distances.

I hope this helps!
Have great vacations :)

Local August 3, 2017

From Roissy airport to Orly airport you can take the train (RER B direction Anthony station) and there you change to take an other train which name is Orlyval. The travel takes 1h30 I think.

Best regards,

Local August 3, 2017
Hi there.
The 2 airports are located at the opposite side of Paris orly / south & roissy / north.
3 options.
1-Shuttle service.between 40 and 60 minutes
2-Bus. Every 30 minutes between 45 and 70 minutes. 20 euros.
3- Taxi around 60 euros depending on traffic. 40 minutes if no traffic jam.
I strongly recommend the taxi in your case.
Avoid the public transport métro. Too long and not comfortable.
At your disposal if you have further questions.
Local August 3, 2017
Thank you for your reply. One question about taxis. Do you think there is always a taxi available in CDG airport or should we order the taxi in advance before we leave? What do you think?
You will absolutely find a taxi available, at all time. Depending on the people waiting you can expect a 5 to 15 minutes waiting.
Wallis Local August 3, 2017
Even I have never been in CDG airport? Is it easy enough even it is a pretty large airport?
Of course every arrival area in Cdg will indicate EXIT/TAXIS. Just follow the sign, nothing complicated.
Wallis Local August 3, 2017
Ok, thank you a lot! You just made our holiday a lot more comfortable!
Glad to hear! Enjoy the Martinique its beautiful:)
Wallis Local August 3, 2017