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Paris is November, 2017

By Traveller August 29, 2017

Paris is November, 2017

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By Yamuna Traveller August 29, 2017

Hello locals from this beautiful city!!

I am in the EU on a business trip in November and have 3 vacation days to spend as well.

City of light and love, I thought of spending those days in Paris given its also close to Christmas and the city will sparkling.

Do you suggest its a good choice of city for a solo trip?

Let me know

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Yes I find it a great idea. You will never get bored in Paris.

You can contribute your first day to some museums, churches, eiffel and so on. You can check here to pinpoint your main places to visit:

The other 2 days you can just enjoy the city. I'd suggst to not overwhelm your schedule, Try to walk in the city and discover various spots on your own.
Try the locals small cafes and brasseries.

Enjoy your stay :)
Local September 8, 2017
Hi Yamuna,

Paris is ALWAYS a good option... it is a wonderful city that has all you can imagine and more. You can just enjoy watching people pass from the comfort of a typical café while reading your favourite book, or you might want to explore the many museums, monuments, churches or just it's charming neighbourhoods. Maybe you want to meet others while joining food tasting tours, or join bikers for a sportive ride through the city at night... Maybe you want to try the wonderful restaurants and pastry shops, or just walk along the river Seine enjoying the beautiful of the city. Ohhh well... as you can see... Paris is always a great option ;)

Hope to see you around here soon!
Local August 30, 2017
Hi Yamuna, Paris in solo, couple, for leisure or business is always a good idea ! Depending on exact time in November Chrsitmas Markets can be found on Place de La Bourse. Do you know what Quarter you would be stating ?
Local August 29, 2017
Hello Yamuna,
To me yes, you can go alone in Paris there is so much to do: museums, sightseeing, boat trip on the Seine, brasseries and pastries...

Local August 29, 2017