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Visit of the Eiffel Tower

By Traveller October 20, 2017

Visit of the Eiffel Tower

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By Gerti Traveller October 20, 2017

I will be for the first time in Paris on November 26 and the trip will be a bday present. Want to reserve a dinner at the Eiffel tower for two persons, but dont know the real costs and what restaurant to choose. Want something to skip lines and nice view. Please any suggestion would help and what do you recomend?
Thank you.

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Hi: This is an easy question for me, as until this year, I have eaten dinner in the Eiffel Tower on my Oct Birthday for three consecutive years earlier. Each time it was Wonderful. If You have reasonable expectations, I think the 58 Tour Eiffel is absolutely terrific. Reasonless price, reserved ride up to the first floor, where the Restaurant is. You can purchase tickets after dinner to go higher if Ou want. Reserve early and ask to sit by a window. Food is good to very good, actually all being considered, great. Restrooms very nice. Service, for me, has always been first rate. Remember though, if You have five star expectations, go to the Michelin Rated Restaurant on the second level. It however is REALLY expensive. My experience at 58 Tour Eiffel have always been great. You get to the Tower early as security is getting tight. Then you go to a designated booth at the bottom to get your ticket to go up. You then go to the designated lift. Again, allow some time. I like the early Dinner Seating, as it allows You some, maybe not much in Nov, daylight. After dinner it is not too late to go up to the second or even top floors if You like. Have fun. And remember- it is all about attitude. John V from Mission Viejo, California
Local October 20, 2017