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Where do we eat in the 6th?

By Traveller November 4, 2017

Where do we eat in the 6th?

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By Sarah Traveller November 4, 2017

We will be in Paris for 5 nights, we love the 6th and we are so happy to walk to dinner ...any suggestions? Happy to try anything really! S xx

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These ideas are so great ! Thank you, I will let you know how we get on !
Traveller November 7, 2017
I don't often go to the 6e, but if you want to dine like a revolutionnary, you can go to the Procope. It's the oldest restaurant in Paris, i think. Franklin and Voltaire used to go there, amongst others. It's a little bit pricey but not that much, and it's a historical place in a very nice little street.
Local November 7, 2017
You did not say what kind of food, what price range, etc. and there are hundreds of restaurants in the 6th and thousands in Paris! That said, maybe some of these links will help you:

Google also has a list of those restaurants in the area with over 4 stars by searching on: best paris restaurants 6th arrondissement

Hope this is useful.
Local November 6, 2017
Thank you so much Fetchin, we will check out the links, I’m sure we will eat very well in this beautiful city! Kind regards, Sarah
Lot of restaurants in Mabillon/Odeon aera.
You must go to "Au Père Louis" Rue Princesse. It's a Wine/french restaurant with a typical french athmostphère.
Lot of good restaurants too near "Le Bon Marché" in Sevres Babylone subwaystation.

Have a nice journey in Paris.
Local November 4, 2017
Thank you Nilton - we will try it!!