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Cheap restaurants

By Traveller November 8, 2017

Cheap restaurants

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By Gerti Traveller November 8, 2017

Hello everybody. We are going to be in Paris for three days. Any suggestion for any cheap restaurant would be great. Also if you have recomandations for any hotel in a good position. Would really appreciate it. Thank you in advance.

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Great cheap restaurant :
- bouillon chartier which is like an old school French cantine : really cheap really good but you can't make any reservation and maybe wait 30 minutes until you can get a table .
- Chez gladines : you have planty of this restaurant in many arrondissement of Paris it's French south west specialties : really good too and cheap !
these 2 restaurants serves at any time - not during the night-.

Local November 10, 2017
The hotels "in a good position" will not be cheap, certainly, but don't know what arrondissements you consider as most are good, my favorites are the Marais, Saint Germain-6th and 5th as well as 7th-8th Efel Tower and Champs Elysee areas, but I've lived in the 18th Montmartre and in the Musee Pompidou area. You may be better with an airbnb or homeaway stay if you want comfort but less money. So check in those neighborhoods.
For cheap eats since Paris has some 15,000 restaurants you may want to choose the hotel or other lodging first and then narrow your search but the following links may help:

Some hotel/lodging links, assuming you are also on a budget for that:

Local November 9, 2017