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Public transport

By Traveller November 12, 2017

Public transport

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By Gerti Traveller November 12, 2017

Is there any three day ticket in Paris to use public transportation? Until what time is the metro working?

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2 answers

Just to use public transport, the first answer below will be good. If you want to be a tourist as well, the Paris Pass includes a transit pass and is available for up to 6 days. There is a 3 day pass.
Local November 14, 2017

here is the three day ticket

Metro stop at 2 on friday and saturday.
around 1 on weekdays which mean you have to leave by midnight on weekdays and 1 on week ends to be on the safe side. If you want a more precise schedule you should check on the RATP website or ask to an agent in the metro stations.
Uber works pretty well in Paris if you want to come home late.
Local November 12, 2017