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Christmas in Paris

By Traveller November 17, 2017

Christmas in Paris

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By Anna Traveller November 17, 2017

Spending the Christmas in Paris, Dec 22-26 and have some questions.
- how is the opening hours during this time of period, restaurants, shops, sights etc?
- any great restaurant tips for 2e arr and Le Marais?
- any other musts during this period?
Many thanks!!

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Hello ! Very nice period to spend some time in Paris.
The opening time of the differents places are as usual except for the 25th of december almost everything is closed.
There ars many many restaurant in the 2nd arr and le Marrais, I usually use tripadvisor for advices on restaurant.
I think one of the must do on this period is to go to the Lafayette Gallery to look for their magnificient showcase.
Have a nice trip !
Local November 20, 2017
Most of the things on the Paris Pass seem to be available on December 24th but, of course, not on December 25th. There are a number of restaurants offering Christmas eve dinners you have to reserve in advance. Myself, who will also be there December 23-31, reserved at the Moulin de la Galette because I'm an artist and there are hundreds of famous and not so famous paintings of this restaurant. But that is in Montmartre. I would recommend you check out the 3 day Paris Pass (I got the 6 day pass!) activities to see if that is worth your while:
I am also using the following links to help:
Have fun! Maybe I'll see you there, but won't know it of course! :-) Gretchen

Local November 17, 2017
Most restaurants and shops are opened at christmas. Their opening hours may change on the 25th. The smaller shops tend to be closed fyi. Museums are closed on the 25th. And it will be the same for the post office and any other official/state service. There can be less buses and less metro but like on a sunday, so it's barely noticeable.

Restaurant tips in le Marais : Pamela Popo, on rue François Miron (plenty to see/eat/do on that small street btw, and it goes right to rue des Barres which is very nice). On the place sainte-catherine you should find whatever you seek. It's a quaint little place ! Same in the Village Saint-Paul (it's made of different old courtyards, it feels like a maze and there are plenty of antique shops)
And if you really want to be touristy, look for Carette on the place des Vosges for example.
Next to Pamela Popo, you have a very nice scottish pub (The Auld Alliance), and the best tequila bar in town (licenced by Mexico i kid you not) (and it's called La Perla Bar).
Local November 17, 2017