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Beaujolais Nouveau - Latin Quarter

By Traveller November 20, 2017

Beaujolais Nouveau - Latin Quarter

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By Phillip Traveller November 20, 2017

Bonjour. My partner and I will be staying in the Latin Quarter in November. Any recommendations for nearby cafe/brasserie/bistros to join in the Beaujolais Nouveau celebrations? Merci.

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Although the links are for previous years, maybe these will help? I assume you have the link to the official site for the event as well, right? If not, I added below.
Calendar of Food and Wine Festivals in Paris:
Official site:
These 3 cafes are mentioned frequently in conjunction with the event:
Le Porte-Pot,
Address: 14 Rue Boutebrie, 75005 Paris, France
Phone: +33 1 43 25 24 24
Sunday-Monday Closed
Tuesday 6:30PM–12AM
Wednesday-Saturday 6:30PM–12:30AM

Au Père Louis, Restaurant
Address: 38 Rue Monsieur le Prince, 75006 Paris, France
Hours: daily: 12–3PM, 6–11PM
Phone: +33 1 43 26 54 14

Café de la Nouvelle Mairie
Address: 19 Rue des Fossés Saint-Jacques, 75005 Paris, France
Hours: M-F 8AM–12:30AM
Sat-Sun Closed
Phone: +33 1 44 07 04 41


Local November 21, 2017
Many thanks Gretchen. We will check out the helpful links you provided. Merci.
You're welcome. I've never been to this festival myself. Hope it's what you expect! Gretchen
Fetchin Local November 21, 2017
Bonjour Phillip. The Beuajolais nouveau celebration was on Thursday 16th. You can still find bottles everywhere but no more special events. But honestly, except the Amabiance, you didn't miss anything. If you want to taste good wines in Latin Quarter, I suggest you to join on of my wine tasting events at WINE TASTING IN PARIS in the L
Local November 20, 2017
Thierry, thank you for the prompt reply. I failed to mention that we will travel in the coming year - 2018 (too far in advance we know, but excited to learn of possibilities). We will check out possible wine tastings -- thank you for the suggestion.
Oh! so you do have lot's of time! The Beaujolais event is always the 3rd thursday of November. You will find celebrations in many bars and restaurants. I don't have any specific one in mind. The wine bar 5eme cru rus Cardinal Lemoine will certainly have a special evening. There is also lots of bars in the lowest part of rue mouffetard.
Many thanks Thierry. Sante