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I will be traveling to Paris from 3/18 - 3/27/2018

By Traveller December 27, 2017

I will be traveling to Paris from 3/18 - 3/27/2018

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By Woody Traveller December 27, 2017

What will the weather be like? What type of jacket/coat should I bring? I am normally a hot person and never complain it's too cold.

Also, although traveling with companions, there may be 2 evenings I will be solo, any suggestions on things to do? I saw a tour company offering one on the Secret Passages. Sounds like fun, would it be worth it?

I am open to all suggestions: I am a simple person who enjoys living in the moment and life's simple pleasures.

Thank you!

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Some of these links might be of interest/help:
http://www.holiday-weather.com/paris/averages/march/ weather averages for March
https://www.airbnb.com/experiences/48623 This market to table lunch/cooking experience with Eleonora is extraordinary and highly recommended!
https://www.airbnb.com/things-to-do/paris suggestions from airbnb hosts and guests

This last trip to Paris I also had a great sculpture experience making a bust, a photo experience learning how to use my camera better. I enjoyed the new Saint Laurent museum and Fashion museum in the 16 arrondissement and had quite a few extraordinary culinary experiences. So it depends on what you like to do. There are the typical touristy things and the more immersion/experiential. I like immersion experiences as you can see from the suggestions!
Enjoy! Gretchen
Local January 4, 2018
Dear Woody,

If you come to Paris in march, the weather will not be very cold. I do not know where you leave in the US but the temperature in Paris in march are usually mild. A jacket will be necessary nevertheless. It can be rainy. Paris solo can be fine and fun. There are plenty of tours hop on/hop off which is a bus tour organized by the french public transport, also bicycle tours, 2 CV tours (2 CV is an old french car Citroën), you name it. But, you can do a lot of simple discoveries by yourself : streets, cafés, green markets. Versailles is close to Paris. Have a nice stay François
Local December 28, 2017
Hi Woody:

I usually go to Paris- greatest City in the World, twice a year always alone. Best way! Weather always unoredictable. Take a warm, lightweight jacket and a long sleeve base shirt. Makensure You always have an umbrella, shoes that can take a puddle, and I take a disposeable plastic raincoat. Gloves are good in case. I like the Urban Adventures Tours Folks-the Best. Passages great. Movie tour great. You should go see the Lido de Paris Show once. I finally went, and it was fun. You canntake the St Martin Canal Boat Tour, go to the end and walk back along the Street the Canal goes under. Have dinner along the way. The 58 Eiffel Restaurant in the Tower is reasonable. Early dinner, see the Tower and walk all around. Gets You up the Tower ahead of lines, food pretty darn good for the place and cost If the Orangerie Museum is open, it would be great. If the weather is OK, walk aall around Mountmartre. Sit on the steps of the Sacre Coure. You can walk ariund almost amywhere in the single digit arroundessmounts (sp) and enjoy it.

Inthink the French are the nicest People anywhere. Give them a chance. You sound like a Person who will really enjoy Paris. And, You can walk up the Arc denTeiomphe to the top. If weather is clear it is great. It isnangreat time to go. Just be ready fornrain and cold. Use the Metro, it cannot be beat.
Local December 27, 2017
We were there last week and it was chilly and humid. No sun at all for 8 days, but according to Parisians it was unusual.
If you like music, go to SuperSonic, there are two or three bands every night.
I strongly recommend you visit the Catacombs. It was very cool.
Be prepared to walk a lot, it's better than taking the metro if you want to see the city. Enjoy!
Local December 27, 2017