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Anyone know of the best cheapish bakeries in Paris?

By Traveller January 3, 2018

Anyone know of the best cheapish bakeries in Paris?

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By Saba Traveller January 3, 2018

Interrailing around Europe and wanted to know where the best (cheapish) bakeries are in Paris as we are on a budget!! Thankyou :)

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Given the other answers below referred to government regulations and boulangeries, you probably can get simple bread and croissants cheaply. For a higher level experience maybe one day, try something from the following links:
And top 20 cheap eats:
good luck! Gretchen
Local January 4, 2018
You don't say where you will be staying in Paris. In any case, the price of bread is fixed by the government. A baguette costs 0.90 € or in one of the top shops 1.20 €. A croissant costs around 1.50 €
Frankly, they are so cheap I wouldn't waste my time hunting around for a 'bargain'. Price lists are required to be displayed by law inside the bakery.

You should look for an "artisan boulangerie" which means that the bread is prepared and baked on the promises according to strict standards. Otherwise an ordinary "boulangerie" simply buys in frozen dough and bakes it. Not strictly légal to call itself a boulangerie. Some crains like Paul do this (but don't call themselves "boulangeries".
Local January 3, 2018
I will not advise you to go to a cheapish bakery in Paris; you will not save a lot of money and the "cheapish bakeries" are not as good, they sell a kind of "factory made" bread or pastries made from an " industrial dough". I am sure you will find in the neighborhood you stay a good "boulangerie" where they do their own bread and gâteaux.
Local January 3, 2018