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Where should i stay in paris?

By Traveller January 22, 2018

Where should i stay in paris?

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By omer Traveller January 22, 2018

Which region? And how much is metro ticket?

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Hi Omer,

Paris is a very interesting city and there is a big variety of areas to choose from.

My favourite places to stay are "Le Marais" & "Saint Germain de Pres", although "Ile de Saint Louis" is pretty good as well. I DO NOT recommend the Champs Elysees neither the Eiffel Tower area.

If you're looking for better prices maybe you should look for hotels right outside Paris, prices will drop. Just make sure there is public transport (preferably metro) nearby.

I hope this helps. ;)
Enjoy Paris!
Local January 24, 2018
About 300-350€ for 4night
Traveller January 22, 2018
With that budget maybe you should consider a Youth Hostel or a small hotel in the outskirts... inside Paris you won't get much for that amount. :(
hello Omer, could you give some more details on your interest or budget so that i could recommend more precisely districts in Paris? a metro ticket is 1,90 euros
Local January 22, 2018