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Flying into Beauvais Airport

By Traveller February 14, 2018

Flying into Beauvais Airport

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By Vanessa Traveller February 14, 2018

Can someone tell me which is the cheapest way to travel from the airport to Paris 18th arrondisement please. I am finding taxis very expensive. Thank you

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Hi Vanessa,

The easiest way to get to the 18th Arr. from Beauvais is to take a bus. Once you arrive to the airport just look for the shuttles to Paris. It is very easy to find. If you book the ride online you should save some money too (
The bus will leave you in Paris, at "Porte Maillot" or Palais de Congres area... there you can take a taxi to the 18th, metro or bus are also a good possibility. It all depends on which exact address on the 18th you need to go to. You can download the App called: "Citymapper" to find out in real time which would be the best options for you inside the city.
Consider about 25€ to get to your final destination.

I hope this info helps you! Enjoy Paris!
Local February 15, 2018
There is good shuttle service. Arriving and departing in Paris from "Porte Maillot" with a metro station. It is not far from the 18°
Local February 15, 2018
Taxi can coś 130€...
You have à spécial bus for Paris, porte Maillot, for 18€, than thé métro or à bus PC, for 2 €,
You canal but a carnet 10 tickets métro bus tram for 15€

The Travel from Beauvais to Paris także 2 hours or More, with à jam trafic 80km.

IT is alors à train from Beauvais station to Paris Nord, à bus from thé air port Goes to the Center and to the station.
but finish before 20h
Local February 15, 2018
There is a bus service to port maillot. It takes more than an hour. Than you take the metro
Local February 15, 2018
This link should help you find an airport bus or train:
Basically: A paying shuttle service is organised to and from Paris-Beauvais airport and Paris-Porte Maillot for each flight. Rather than a regular frequency timetable, bus services are timed to service individual flights. Takes you to Porte Maillot Metro and you can get directions from Google Maps or Moovit apps from there to your lodging address.
There are trains as well every 1-2 hours from this airport to the Gare du Nord station that take from 1 hour 40 min to 2 hours plus, and again you can get directions from there to your lodging. Here is a sample:

7:32 AM from Gare de Beauvais Tille Aéroport
7:32 AM Gare de Beauvais Tille Aéroport
TER towards Gare de Beauvais
7:45 AM
7:53 AM Gare de Beauvais
TER towards Gare de Creil
8:33 AM
8:38 AM Gare de Creil
TER towards Gare du Nord
9:11 AM Gare du Nord
(Gare du Nord, 18 Rue de Dunkerque, 75010 Paris, France)
Tickets and information
Hope this helps! Gretchen
Local February 15, 2018
Hi Vanessa, you have to know that Beauvais airport is very far from Paris. 2x further than Charles de Gaulle. That’s why taxis are expensive. It is a very small low cost airport. There is no metro, only low cost coaches. It takes 1h30 to go to Paris by coach.
If these solutions are not ok for you, try car pooling. It is cheap and efficient. Try blablacar app for example.
Local February 14, 2018