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Tickets to the Grotte de Lascaux

By Traveller March 6, 2018

Tickets to the Grotte de Lascaux

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By Nadya Traveller March 6, 2018

Hi, can you please advise on how to get tickets to Grotte de Lascaux in May? Do we need to book in advance? How early? and can we buy tickets on line? we were looking at the official site - but it is a bit difficult to get the details from there. Thanks a lot in advance.

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Besides the first answer below, this site should answer all your other questions:
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Local March 9, 2018
Yes you can book them online. You need to go to You can book just the Grotte (you know that this is just a copy as the original one is closed to the public) or a joint ticket Grotte + Parc du Thot. If you are interested and time allows, you can purchase a combined ticket for the Grotte, Parc du Thot and L'Abri de Laugerie-Basse. You shouldn't have any problems in May but try to avoid the weekend, if possible. You can book up to 90 days in advance. Good Luck
Local March 6, 2018
Thanko you, Anthony!