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Any suggestions on where to stay .. group of 8

By Traveller April 10, 2018

Any suggestions on where to stay .. group of 8

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By Tina Traveller April 10, 2018

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Here is an airbnb for $380 per night that has 2 king beds and 2 sofa beds for up to 8 people in the Marais, but don't know what dates you are going. I just arbitrarily did a search for May 1-13 or something like that. Gretchen
Local April 12, 2018
You need to provide dates, etc. so I cannot help you specifically, but maybe you can help yourself here:
includes airbnb and all competitors in one spot.
Lots of good neighborhoods in Paris. I like 5th and 6th but they can be noisy and there may not be one place for 8--you may have to split in 2 or 3 groups. If there are some who don't negotiate stairs well or who want, instead to be closer to other attractions, like the Eiffel Tower, you may want to stay in the 7th or 8th arrondissements. The Marais is nice too! I lived in Montmartre and near the Musee Pompidou, but would not necessarily recommend either as the best areas to stay. Good luck! Gretchen
Local April 12, 2018
Hi Tina,
Where to stay in Paris depends on your budget, your interests, the duration of your stay, etc... From a hotel to a youth hostel, in the bohemian Montmartre or the chic Arc de Triomphe.
Can you be a bit more specific to be able to send you a better advice?
Thank you!
Local April 10, 2018
Thank you we are late 40 - 50 something.. we are looking for mid price as we are traveling through London Paris Italy .. would love an Airbnb but not sure of area to be looking that is convenient for doing the usual tourist stuff 😊