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Looking for a location of a bridge.

By Traveller April 26, 2018

Looking for a location of a bridge.

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By Joel Traveller April 26, 2018

There is a beautiful stone bridge or walkway in the movie Amélie at about the 20 minute mark. Can you tell me it's name or where I can find it?

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if you mean where she threw stones to the water, that should be on Canal Saint Martin
Local April 29, 2018
Turns out it was an Aqueduct! Thanks for the help!

6 Rue du Chemin de Fer
94110 Arcueil
Traveller April 27, 2018
It’s bridge over Canal Saint Martin, close to Republique metro station. Certainle the bridge called Pont de la Grange aux Belle
I'm not sure that is the one I am looking for, I search the satellite photos of that whole area and can't find it. From the photo I have, it looks the it might be at least 2 stories tall, I don't see any water near by. Thanks for your reply!