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By Traveller May 7, 2018


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By Alazne Traveller May 7, 2018

Hi all!

I will be visiting Paris this June and I would like some advices regarding the Catacombs of Paris.

I don't know if I should go early in the morning or if it is better to go in the afternoon. Any recommendation?

On the other hand, I know there is the possibility of purchasing the tickets in advance, but it costs 29 euros which is far more expensive that buying the tickets there (it costs 13 euros in the place).

My question regarding this is: if I decide to go there and buy the tickets the same day in the Catacombs and all the online tickets have been purchased, they will keep selling tickets in the place and allowing the entrance to people that did not make the online reservation?

Finally, I have heard that they don't allow bags in the Catacombs, so there is any place to leave them?

Thank you in advance!!!

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Hi Alazne,

If you arrive 30 min. before the opening time of the Catacombs is the best, there might be people ahead of you, but the wait won't be as bad as if you go in the afternoon. The best is to get the ticket in advance and this way you won't need to wait in line at all, but it is true that it is quite overpriced.
If you are carrying a small bag or purse is not a problem, but something bigger might be better to store it somewhere. You can check at "Nannybag" and find a place to leave your stuff for the day for a small fee.

Enjoy the Catacombs!
Local May 8, 2018

The only way to get 13€ tickets is to wait for the entrance. They don't sell it online.

My advice is to go early in the morning. I live next to it, and from May to September it's full from the first minute to the last... So, the best is the morning.
For information, the moment you'll choose will not plays on the visit :)

The visit is a walk, you enter at point A and get out at point B.
So, no you can't stock your bag.
But bags are aloud, not luggages, and, to be honnest with stairs, different floors and the long walk, it's for the best !

Enjoy your trip !
(And brave youself and wait, it totally worth it !)
Local May 7, 2018
I forgot your question about online VS not online tickets.
Don't worry, not so much people take it... and it's 2 differents things.

I believe that online tickets are very limited (like for the eiffel tower) - maximum X people by hour.

So the rest is open for «tangible» tickets.

For information, you have to wait a lot because the number of people inside is limited to 200 (or something like that). The online tickets are calculated to let a lot of «tangible» tickets.

(For example : 20 online tickets by hour, the rest is open to others)
Wow Chloé! Thank you so much for your answers.

I'll follow all your recommendations ;)

Thank you again, you have really helped me!!

No pb :)
Enjoy !