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Searching for some good latino music club in Paris

By Traveller May 10, 2018

Searching for some good latino music club in Paris

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By Veronika Traveller May 10, 2018

Hello, me and my 2 friends are searching for some nightclub with latino music while we are staying in Paris in the end of May. It would be good if it's not so expensive and safe. Thank you for the recommandations. Veronika :)

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La Peña in Saint-Germain is a classic for the latin expats, i believe. It's rather small, though, and can get crowded.
Local May 20, 2018
thanks 🙂
These are top 5 Latin dance places with Latin music: 1 / La Pachanga, 8 Rue Vandamme, 75014 Paris. 2 / The Favela Chic, 18 rue du Faubourg du Temple, 75011 Paris. 3 / Le Barrio Latino, 46 ​​Rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine, 75012 Paris. 4 / The Khao Suay, 20 Rue de Lappe 75011, Paris. 5 / Le Balajo, 9 Rue de Lappe, 75011 Paris.

Not sure about safety at Cafe de Cuba--in the Pigalle, but has good music: 2 rue Puget;
Local May 10, 2018
Thank you :)
You might want to go to "Barrio Latino", it's really close to Bastille. It is huge and a bit overpriced, but you will certainly have space to dance which is usually what's missing in most little bars.

Local May 10, 2018
Thanks :)
Hello !
First I'm not a specialist when it comes to Latino music but I remember dancing at La Mano (rue papillon 75009), La Java in Belleville used to have some really cool Latino music too but haven't been there in a while, in both cases you can check the events on Facebook. My only advice is to avoid clubs in touristic areas (Châtelet-Les-Halles, Champs Elysées etc) often very dispointing and expensive, and always keep an eye on your belongings (sadly laptops, credit cards and wallets can disappear really quickly in Paris), no psycho Though it's just a matter of logic to keep your bag with you for example or if going out bringing the minimum (cash and a photocopy of your passeport for example)

Hope it helped you and enjoy your stay in Paris !
Local May 10, 2018
Thank you for the tips, appreciate it!