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Private, Professional & Fun Photo Shoot in Paris

Take home some extra special souvenirs of your time in Paris! Your personal photographer will capture stunning photos of you at a variety of picturesque locations, with cosy cafés, winding streets, and some of the city’s most iconic buildings as backdrops.
Duration 1 hours
Private tour available in French, English
Group tour pricing from 359 EUR per group
Selfies and asking strangers to take a photo of you while on holidays (only to see that its blurry or simply just a terrible photo) can only get you so far. When we visited Paris we wanted to have great photos to remember the trip by. We are so glad that we came across Tripshooter, it was an amazing experience and the results in the photos ensure we will always have great memories to look back on. Next time we are back in Europe we will be looking them up again.