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Which are the 3 best places to sit for a few hours with a laptop and work?

By Traveller October 2, 2018

Which are the 3 best places to sit for a few hours with a laptop and work?

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By Gina Traveller October 2, 2018

I'm travelling to Phoenix for a couple of weeks in December and will need to work (copywriting) while there. Where can I go that has a good atmosphere, free wi-fi, and won't mind me sitting for a few hours to work on my laptop? I guess in terms of locality, I'll be staying within walking distance of the Superior Court of Arizona at 18380 N 40th Street. It'd be good if I could walk or take a short Uber ride to your suggestions. Thanks :).

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I don't really work outside of my home but I have met friends at Lux Cafe on Central and know it's a popular place for working especially for Millennials. It has a good eatery, and lots of rooms with tables and sofas - and of course wifi.
Thank you, Ferdinand, seems like a popular option!
A good place for you is this local coffee shop called faire trade! its right off the light-rail stop at roosevelt and central, the art district. Right down the street from that one is another local coffee shop called Lola's cafe. :)
Local October 2, 2018
Hi Ruby, yes, Lizzi (below) mentioned Fair Trade, looks interesting. Lola's looks good too!
Hi Gina, it depends on where you are in the area. If you are downtown, the public library on central is nice. Go to one of the upper floors. There are also lots of independent coffee shops throughout Phoenix. Royal coffee near the science museum or Lux on central. If you are in Tempe or Scottsdale the libraries are nice. Tempe has AZ state university and the main dining MU in the center of campus is also nice. Hope this helps. Just think library or indie coffee shop for almost any area. Have a good time. Jamie.
Traveller October 2, 2018
Oh now I see your location. You could take the light rail north to the big public library or to Lux.
Thanks, Jamie :) Looking forward to exploring lots of options.
Ohhh wowww!! I've been looking through Lux's social media ... they'll have to push me out of there lol!
Only know places in midtown/downtown if you can uber down from the north! These places are great, and looks like about a 20 min drive from your area! But you can hang out at these places ALL day, no one will bother you.

1. Lux Central 4402 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85012
(DEFINITELY must get the mac & cheese when you’re here)
2. Refuge Cafe 4727 N 7th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85013
3. Fair Trade Cafe 1020 N 1st Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85003
Local October 2, 2018
Thanks, Lizzi! Why won't they mind if I hang out all day? (I'm from Australia, I don't know if we do that here as I work from home.)