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What are your top 3 local thing to do?

By Traveller May 23, 2018

What are your top 3 local thing to do?

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By Maria Traveller May 23, 2018

I’ll be travelling to Phoenix soon, and I really want to dig into the local culture. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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get some coffee at the Lux, stop by the grand as well, check out all the murals around phx, follow "muralsofphx" if you have instagram, make sure to see the events around town such as "Eventbrite" or http://dtphx.org/calendar/
I live downtown next to crescent ballroom feel free to ask me anymore questions
Local July 14, 2019
Hi Maria
If by soon you mean this summer, then be prepared for hot daytime temperatures.
we adapt by early morning outdoor activities or activities near water.
1) As mentioned below, tubing on the Lower Salt (probably easy enough to google). Go on a saturday for the young crowd, sunday is more family friendly. No glass containers, alcohol if you are over 21. You can also SUP (no snow sup shop) or kayak with shuttle (sahuaro lake ranch)
if you have a rental car, then 2) visit the Grand Canyon. it is not recommended that you hike to the river and back in one day, but smaller hikes are possible. The biggest hole in the ground you will ever see.
3) check out classes at REI - rock climbing, hiking, lake kayaking etc. there are also indoor rock gyms scattered throughout the Valley.

there are more options within a days drive of Phoenix if are into outdoor sports.

In all cases, drink water, don't go anywhere without water, drink more water. Phoenix is a dry climate and you perspire without realizing it.

enjoy your visit
Local May 24, 2018
-Go for a nearby hike early in the morning when its cool (Camelback Mountain, Piestewa Peak, Fat Man Pass)
-Cool off in the water (tubing on Salt River, Standup Paddleboard at Tempe Town Lake, Wet 'n' Wild Water Park)
-Eat tacos (Gallo Blanco, La Santissima, Tacos Crujiente)
-See a baseball game at Chase Stadium downtown (very good air conditioning)
Local May 23, 2018
Check out Phoenix New Times (link below) for any events happening while you are here. We also have a great music scene with venues such as Crescent Ballroom, The Rebel Lounge, The Van Buren, etc.

Local May 23, 2018
I would suggest to compliment what has already been suggested below, The Heard Museum; Desert Botanical Gardens; Hike up Camelback Mountain; eating at Otro Cafe or Ocotillo and Ladera Taverna Y Cocina.
Local May 23, 2018
Hi Maria! There are a lot of ‘micro’ local cultures in Phoenix since it’s such a diverse city. To me, one of the cultures that stands out the most is the local art scene. I would spend some time in downtown Phoenix, in the Roosevelt Row area. You can take the light rail and go to places along there like the Phoenix Art Museum, try Jamaican dinner at the Breadfruit, or some comfort food at Welcome Diner. You can hang out and have breakfast at Phoenix Public Market or Fame Cafe, both that I recommend :) I would also spend some time at DeSoto. There is usually events like a market going on at DeSoto and Phoenix Public Market on the weekends so I would check that out!

If you like the bar scene, there’s a ton of bars in downtown Phoenix also!

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can take a 1 hour aerial yoga course at Elevate Yoga & Wellness. The ladies who run the place also sometimes hold events in downtown Phoenix. I highly recommend them.

There’s also a strong hiking culture in Phoenix and Arizona in general. We are surrounded by gorgeous desert landscape! If you’d like any hiking suggestions, feel free to message me :)