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Nostalgic Drive-In Theater

West Wind Drive-In Theaters

Why locals love it

Since 1952, the West Wind Drive-In Theaters has been showing Hollywood movies on large outdoor digital projectors. These theaters are ideal for both date nights and family activities. Young lads can play at the arcades and playground. Locals enjoy the double features that are shown on certain days.



Why you should visit it

West Wind has some of the biggest digital projectors on the market that put other theaters to shame. Guests will love their high definition screens that boast pristine quality. They have tons of great treats and snacks to eat while watching the films. If you are hungry and want more than just a snack, try one of their Nathan's Hot Dogs.

Special tip

West Wind has a device that routes the audio from the movie directly to your car. It plays through a specific radio station. Very convenient!

West Wind Drive-In Theaters
5650 N. 55th Avenue, Glendale AZ, 85301

Mon-Su: 20:00-01:00

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