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I want to know more about Ploiesti

By Traveller April 24, 2019

I want to know more about Ploiesti

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By Mehmet Traveller April 24, 2019

In what perspective the local people looking to life ? And also i need open areas for sports for workout :)

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Hi Mehmet,
Ploiesti, as Oana mentioned, is a industrial city with some cultural life, very few pubs and bars opened during week days, very few festivals and history based more on interbelic period. Our favorite activity is shopping and grilling. As outdoor activities we prefer grilling and runing from stray dogs. You can check Bucov parc where we have a zoo nice small lake around which you can jogg. We have a lot of gyms also.If you have a bike you can bike on the hills around town .
Local April 25, 2019
Local people go to work, then go out in the city. This is a small city that has some nice areas and places. They are friendly, even if not so open with tourists because they don't always speak English. We have sports park Olympia, Chestnuts Boulevard, and more.
Local Expert April 24, 2019