Cover image of this place 5 Coins (Centre Ville)

Fritay by the pound

5 Coins (Centre Ville)

Why locals love it

If you love fritay (the spicy meat and fried root vegetables sold on the street at night) you'll love 5 Coins. During the day this place is packed with businessmen, civil servants, and other locals. You buy chicken, pork, fish or other meat by the weight and it is cooked up in front of you. Rice, picklies, sauce, and salad or macaroni is added.



Why you should visit it

It's not as cheap as eating on the street but it's just a little bit better than most street fritay. Fresh squeezed juice or juices blended with milk (I love the papaya) are a great option, though fritay usually gets paired with beer.

Special tip

If you don't feel like something fried they also have lovely soups including those with and without dumplings.

5 Coins (Centre Ville)
Rue Clerveaux, Pétion-Ville, Haiti

Su-Sa: 08:00-23:00

+509 28 18 1100
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