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Portuguese Clothes Brands and shops

By Traveller March 20, 2019

Portuguese Clothes Brands and shops

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By marika Traveller March 20, 2019

Hi to everyboby, I'm planning to visit Porto in April. I'm looking for Portuguese Brands (no Zara, H&M, etc.) and artisanal jewels and clothes shops. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you. Marika

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Hi Marika, nice to meet you. Please find some fashion designers such as Luis Buchinho, Nuno Baltazar, Diogo Miranda and Katy Xiomara.
Theses vintage shops are very nice for you to find and be surprised:
Mon Père Vintage,
Cet Objet du Désir - Vintage Shop,
Mão Esquerda Vintage, Ornitorrinco, Passadopresente, Mão Esquerda, O Sótão da Tia Becas.
There's some good portuguese fashion stores like: The Feeting Room and Wrong Weather.

If you need more info, as I'm a fashion designer, please inform.
Hope yo hear you soon.

Kind Regards,
Local February 6, 2020
Thank you very much :)!
Traveller March 21, 2019

Mon Père Vintage; Claus Porto; Mon Père; Dalila Gomes Jewellery; A Vida Portuguesa; Almada 13; Coração Alecrim; Castelbel - Flagship Store; Matéria Prima; CRU Cowork; Banema Studio; Bae; Amacau; Oblivion Alternative Wear; nakuro; QUEBRAMAR; SARDINA; MARIA JOAH; D'OODLES BY JOÃO DIOGO MARTINS; TYPE; FIO ROSA; REPTO; ; https://www.timeout.pt/porto/pt/compras/as-melhores-lojas-alternativas-no-porto; https://www.timeout.pt/porto/pt/compras/as-melhores-lojas-no-porto;
Local March 20, 2019
Wow! Thank you :)
Hi there! You have the store MESH, it’s a jewellery store and it’s in Rua de Ramalho Ortigão 48, Porto
Local March 20, 2019
Thank you :)
Thank you very much for your answer :-) I read about "Rua Santa Catarina" but one of the local guide who suggested this street wrote that there only international brands like Zara, Paul&Bear, etc
Traveller March 20, 2019
Hello there,

You must visit “Marques Soares Store” near by the “Torre dos Clérigos”. You can also take a look in “Rua Santa Catarina” wich is one of the most popular streets of Porto.

Enjoy my city.

João Queirós
Local March 20, 2019