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We want to eat like a local. Any good suggestions for dinner?

By Traveller August 30, 2019

We want to eat like a local. Any good suggestions for dinner?

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By Elizabeth Traveller August 30, 2019

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Matosinhos to eat fish or seafood. Restaurante Pombeiro, Porto for some traditional honest food.
Conga - bifana sandwich
Pedro dos frangos - seat at the bar ask a glass of wine a couple of pastéis de bacalhau, moelas, salada bacalhau, tripa enfarinhada (must try), etc.
Try also... E venham mais 5.
Local September 1, 2019
Affordable typical food at
Museu d’Avó
Casa do Carmo
Cana verde
Comme ça

At a fancier level:
Casa agrícola

Local August 31, 2019
Hi Elizabeth, unfortunately that is a difficult task in Porto: choosing is hard because Portuguese comida(food) is soo rich. From almost street food with tradition see https://viagens.sapo.pt/saborear/gastronomia/artigos/onde-comer-no-porto-o-top-10-da-gastronomia-nortenha, or some of this restaurants in center Porto like the list above or going to Matosinhos to some fresh, incredible fish and seafood. Any will do.
Must try Francesinha in any restaurant...our typical snack ( any cervejaria ).
Besides this there are a lot of "new" food, all around like Brasao or Degema, H3 or Daterra (veggie), Paparico or éLeBê Baixa, all in center also. ENJOY... 😊
Nice restaurants in a long list:

Rogério do Redondo
Rua Joaquim António de Aguiar, 19. Tel.: 225 379 533. Preço médio: 20€

A Cozinha do Manel
Rua do Heroísmo, 215. Tel.: 225 363 388. Preço médio: 20€

Adega São Nicolau
Rua de São Nicolau, 1. Tel.: 222 008 232. Preço médio: 18€

O Ernesto
Rua da Picaria, 85. Tel.: 222 002 600. Preço médio: 12€

Casa Aleixo
Rua da Estação, 216. Tel.: 225 370 462. Preço médio: 15€
O Buraco
Rua do Bolhão, 95. Tel.: 222 006 717. Preço médio: 12€

Rua do Bonjardim, 525. Tel.: 222 006 577. Preço médio: 15€

Adega Ribatejo
Rua Alexandre Herculano, 219. Tel.: 222 008 991. Preço médio: 14€

Rua Capitão Pombeiro, 218. Tel.: 225 097 446. Preço médio: 15€ 
Local August 31, 2019
Hi, To eat traditional and authentic portuguese food you can try one of this places:
Restaurante o caraças, Restaurante Abadia, Restaurante Cozinha da Alice, Cervejaria Capa Negra II, Cozinha do Manel. All restaurants in Matosinhos in Rua Heróis de França and Av Serpa Pinto are a good sugestion for good seafood or fresh fish.
Local August 30, 2019