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what things must do in Porto during two days?

By Traveller May 12, 2017

what things must do in Porto during two days?

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By Kristina Traveller May 12, 2017

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Rádio Bar, and Fé are also cool bars to have drink and dance.
Hey!! It depends on what you are looking for, your age and the day you want to go...

If you are looking for a nightclub with pop music you have Boîte (downtown); Kasa da Praia (in Matosinhos, teenager environment)
If you want something a little bit more alternative you have Plano B (downtown), Gare Clube (drum'n'bass and house music or techno)
Hello Kristina,

Porto is one of the most eclectic destinations in Europe. With its Medieval architecture, the wonderful Dom Luis I Bridge (designed by the engineer and disciple of Gustave Eiffel, Teófilo Seyrig) the Art Nouveau cafes, or the precious touch of Nicolau Nasoni, are impossible to be apart.
History buffs will fall for it charm - check out the Lello Bookshop with its amazing Neo-Gothic interiors, or head to the São Bento train station to see the 20.000 tiles that decorate its walls.
Foodies are a must to try and visit!
This city just keeps giving to those with a serious appetite for culinary finds.
I'm a Guide and these are the Gems of Porto:
I would advise you to visit Porto in one day and go to visit the Douro Valley on the second day.
Here the gems of Porto for you to see:
- Lions Fountain at Gomes Teixeira Square
- Carmo and Carmelitas Church
- Lello Bookshop
- Clérigos Church and Tower
- Allies Avenue and Liberty Square
- S. Bento Train Station
- Porto Cathedral
- Luis I bridge
- Serra do Pilar Monastery and city sight views
- Riverside of Gaia
- Riverside of Porto
- Stock Exchange Market Palace
- Porto best Beach Terrace
- Matosinhos Beach
- Sea and Douro River side tour
- Visit Port Wine Lodge

Don't forget to see the Atlantic Ocean and the beach terrace from Foz (where the Douro river meets the Ocean).
If you need more tips, feel free to ask.

Kind Regards
Local February 6, 2020
Private boat tour with local wine and food :)))))))))))))
Local April 28, 2019
my tip is, walk a lot around the clerigos and ribeira, go to miguel bombarda watch art exhibitions and after you got tired sit down at aduela and have a glass of wine.
Local March 28, 2018
Walk around Galerias de Paris.
You have Fé, Baixaria, Casa do Livro and Plano B.
On Saturday go to Dancefloor.
Local May 12, 2017
Walk around Galerias de Paris, there are many bars.
Go to Fé, Baixaria, Casa do Livro and Plano B.
On Saturday go to dancefloor to dance a bit.
Local May 12, 2017
Hello, it depends in what you like. What are you into?
Local May 12, 2017
Café au Lait, Red, Plano B, Passos Manuel, Maus Hábitos
Local May 12, 2017
Dear Kristina, you have every kind of place to go out in Porto. What places do you usually go? there are mainly bars and a few clubs, most of them downtown.
I definitely recommend "Era uma vez no Porto" a bar with classic rock music, in the first floor of a building near "Livraria Lello", it has an amazing view to Clérigos Tower. Also, in front of that bar you can find another one called "Base", in Lisbon Square, right in the middle of the olive trees.
5 minutes away you have "bonaparte" a pub and nearby Square Carlos Alberto you have a wine bar called "Aduela" with a nice esplanade and a olive tree in the center of it.
Disco like, the main spot for all ages above 20s is Plan B, that is 5 minutes walking from all those places mentioned and has two rooms, one with commercial music and another with techno; the first floor is a soft place where you can have a drink and talk.
thanks a lot)
If you want to go out at night, your best choice would be the "Galerias de Paris" street area.
It's full of little spots.
Local May 12, 2017