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Where to eat in Porto centre

By Traveller March 4, 2018

Where to eat in Porto centre

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By Lucy Traveller March 4, 2018

Hi, can anyone recommend a middle price traditional restaurant in the centre for dinner. Taking friends for their first visit to Porto and don't know where to eat. Thanks for your help. We're going to visit the Cathedral and take them to the river area. Hopefully try the Port caves too as not been over the river before 😀

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You can try "Mercado" inside Hard Club building or "Taberna Santo Antonio" in Jardim das Virtudes (this one is more traditional). None of them are expensive.

Local March 5, 2018
Thank you
Hi, ard to answer, so many places...what is your preference?
For snacks ever place in center is cool... for a good meat sand and incredible chocolate cake trie Venham mais Cinco, for burguers trie De gema, and traditional Portuguese food trie:
Portucale bit expensive( 1 * Michelin but very good)
Rua da Alegria, 598. Tel.: 225 370 717. Preço médio: 40€

Rogério do Redondo, ard to choose what to pic.
Rua Joaquim António de Aguiar, 19. Tel.: 225 379 533. Preço médio: 20€

A Cozinha do Manel, every thing is good
Rua do Heroísmo, 215. Tel.: 225 363 388. Preço médio: 20€

Adega São Nicolau, genuine food
Rua de São Nicolau, 1. Tel.: 222 008 232. Preço médio: 18€

O Ernesto
Rua da Picaria, 85. Tel.: 222 002 600. Preço médio: 12€

Casa Aleixo, for good fish and octopus sticks ...
Rua da Estação, 216. Tel.: 225 370 462. Preço médio: 15€

O Buraco
Rua do Bolhão, 95. Tel.: 222 006 717. Preço médio: 12€

Antunes, for traditional substance food
Rua do Bonjardim, 525. Tel.: 222 006 577. Preço médio: 15€

Adega Ribatejo, like a adega
Rua Alexandre Herculano, 219. Tel.: 222 008 991. Preço médio: 14€

Pombeiro, if you want to trie tripas
Rua Capitão Pombeiro, 218. Tel.: 225 097 446. Preço médio: 15€

enjoy, XX
Local March 5, 2018
Muito obrigada. Really looking forward to trying some of your suggestions next week ! Lx
To eat in Oporto go to thr restaurant "Buraco" in rua do Bolhão. Tipical and very good, you eat like in a portuguese home.
Local March 4, 2018
Thank you
Hi Lucy! There are thousands of places to eat in downtown Porto. Of course, downtown is more for tourists... To enjoy high quality at a good price, it is necessary to leave the center. Near the river it is still more touristy ...
Of course you need to eat 'francesinha' once., Ther are a lot of places near Coliseu (as Lado B) to do that.
But in the center you can find good things that I also go with friends as for example:

For street food (it's a good idea): Casa Guedes; Venham mais 5; Conga; For dessert: Natas Douro and Leitaria Quinta do Passo for an éclaire.
There is a place not in the real center called Mercado Bom Sucesso where you can find more than 20 small street restaurantes in one place. It is close to Hotel Musica (same space) and it's perfect for a night with friends.

For classic dinner way: Cantinho do Avillez; Brasão Cervejaria, Cantina 32, Abadia no Porto, etc.

Local March 4, 2018
Thanks for all your information. The Mercado will be very interesting. It sounds like the Mercado do Ribeiro in Lisbon ! Which is brilliant.
Adega de s nicolau, close to the river
Reitoria, close to clérigos
Tapa bento, close to s bento train station
Local March 4, 2018
Thanks for your help

Could you write your experience, which restaurants U've tried?

I will be there at the end of March.