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Best bicycle routes

By Traveller May 29, 2018

Best bicycle routes

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By Sumit Traveller May 29, 2018

Which are the best bicycle routes to explore the city, popular and off beat routes, known more to the locals. Recommended for the morning ride for a couple of hours.

And where do you find the best offer for the bike hire, within the city. Thank you.

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Hi, the best map where you can find all bicycle routes is bicycle routes are purple lines, they lead usually along the river where is also a good view to the city. All routes are marked with the letter A and some number, e.g. A1.

For hiring a car I would recommend Rekola Bike Sharing Service: unfortunately you must create an account first but then you can hire any car within Prague and the price is very cheap - first 15 minutes free and next 45 minutes for 1 EUR. And all the bikes have stylish pink colour :)
Local May 29, 2018
Hi, Had a quick look at these sites, this would be very useful. Look forward exploring those pink routes, on a stylish pink bike... expecting a wonderful pink ride :)

Thank you for sharing it.